Aside from the events, venue and taxonomy pages Рlisting your events Рthat WordPress creates for you (you have complete control in how these appear) you can also display a simple list with the events shortcode (this too is customisable via the provided tags or editing the template)

The event list shortcode is essentially a shortcode version of the event list widget.

For example, you can display the next 5 events:

[eo_events numberposts="5" event_start_after="now"]

Or perhaps, events starting next month

[eo_events event_start_after="first day of next month"  event_start_before="last day of next month"]

or events starting next week (Monday-Sunday)

[eo_events event_start_after="Monday next week" event_start_before="Sunday next week"]

What relative date formats can I use?

In selecting which events to show you can use explicit dates in ‘Y-m-d’ format, or any php relative date format – find out more.

What shortcode attributes are available?

See this page for details on the attributes for this plug-in.