This demo site allows you to view the Event Organiser plug-in – and its been designed to showcase some of the features the plug-in offers. To help give you an idea of what you can achieve with Event Organiser, you can try a selection of themes. Feel free to switch between them below. You are currently using the theme Omega.

What features does the plug-in support?

Out of the box Event Organiser provides you with a comprehensive event management plug-in, with support for calendars, event lists, complex recurrence schedules and much more.

Beneath all these features lie two principles by which Event Organiser – and its addons – are developed:

Simplicity –¬†Event Organsier is designed to be simple to use, integrating seamlessly into your WordPress admin and offering an intuitive user interface.

Extendibility РThe plug-in can be modified via a growing library of hooks, offers extensive documentation of its API and allows theme developers to take complete control over how Event Organiser integrates into their theme.


Want to explore Event Organiser Pro more?

If you’d like to see how Event Organsier Pro looks from the admin side and test it out, head over to¬†to create a temporary test site to give you complete access to the Pro’s features.